Here it all begins 2024

Here it all begins

HD 6.989 00:28:14 minutes 46 879.62
This television drama series is centered around the prestigious culinary school of renowned chef Auguste Armand. The show follows the lives of students and staff as they navigate the challenges and pressures of the culinary world—delving into their personal and professional lives, revealing secrets, rivalries, and complex relationships.
Genre: Soap, Drama
Release Date: Jan 01, 1970
Last Air Date: Jun 28, 2024
TV Network: TF1
Stars: Aurélie Pons, Julie Sassoust, Rébecca Benhamour, Nicolas Anselmo, Catherine Davydzenka, Alizée Bochet, Sidney Cadot-Sambosi, Marvin Pellegrino, Pola Petrenko, Sarah Fitri, Géraldine Rivière